Baylake Pines is a highly competitive environment for buyers. If you are interested in making this unique and wonderful community your home, you should engage the services of the most experienced agent in the neighborhood.  No agent has been involved in more sales in the community in the last decade than Windy Crutchfield of The Real Estate Group. 

Homes sales accredited to Windy Crutchfield:

  • 2217 Bayville Rd.
  • 4301 Sandy Bay Dr.
  • 2432 Indian Hill Rd.
  • 4212 Lookout Rd.
  • 4016 Rampart Ave.
  • 4204 Lookout Rd.
  • 4032 Shore Dr.
  • 2309 Indian Hill Rd.
  • 4329 Ben Gunn Rd.
  • 4417 Blackbeard Rd.
  • 4221 Lookout Rd.
  • 4468 Blackbeard Rd.
  • 2416 Indian Hill Rd.
  • 4240 Battery Rd.
  • 2301 Indian Hill Rd.
  • 4017 Rampart Ave.
  • 4321 Blackbeard Rd.
  • 4228 Bounty Rd.
  • 4325 Ben Gunn Rd
  • Your Next Home

If you are interested in selling in this community, please request the references from the sellers of the above properties, some of whom tried to sell on their own before realizing the benefits of hiring a professional to manage their sale and to represent them.  Contact Windy!