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Original owner home on a canal of Lake Joyce being sold by owner's son for $599k.  Contact Windy Crutchfield at (757) 646-8056 for a viewing and make Summer 2020 your best one yet enjoying lakefront living in a Virginia Beach Bayfront community!

PLUS another Lake Joyce Home is due on the market soon! Please contact me to be notified when it is listed so you can be the first to know.


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History of Lake Joyce.  Lake Joyce used to be an inlet connecting Pleasure House Creek with the Chesapeake Bay (see today's brackish pond between Baylake and Indian Hill Rds). This is where Blackbeard raises his nasty head in the early 1700s. Edward Teach and his crew supposedly cut a 500' long and 25' wide channel in the land, pushing the dirt up into what is known today as Treasure Island, a hilly island inside Lake Joyce. Blackbeard built a fort on this island which allowed the pirates to have a Lookout for merchant ships passing by and it was known as "Pirates Fort."  From a lookout on a much higher hill at Cape Henry "Blackbeards Hill, pirates would signal to Pirates Fort when an unsuspecting supply ship was moving into the area. Their Queen Anne's Revenge hid stealthily behind the island until the right moment to seize the merchant ships and return with their Bounty! Their loot of Sea Chests full of valuables might have been left behind when Blackbeards crew fled to the Outer Banks and their reign of terror came to an end in Ocracoke.

In the mid 1800's the Joyce family lived in the area, supposedly, according to gravestones that are located in Baylake Pines. Below are photos of those gravestones which refer to John M. Joyce (1836-1878) with a crown emblem, Jacamine H. Joyce (1804-1863), and Monhancoc (1801-1853?). At Kemps Baptist Church, the gravestone of Edward Joyce, born in 1874 and died at age 24 is located. There was some reference to a Edmund D Joyce son of John M Joyce and Mary who was deaf and mute. Other Joyce families in Henry County NC in the 1860s came up in my ongoing search for information about this family. The mystery continues...

Present day, Lake Joyce represents a lifestyle of fun for residents on the lakefront and owners in Baylake Pines/Baylake Beach. 

In April 2019, a history of the name was published in the Shore Drive Living publication! Please ask me for a copy!